Some Ways Adults Can Learn English

When the time comes to learn English, the flagship language internationally, it is a matter of adapting your mentality and simply embarking on a systematic approach to structured exercises in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Via online lessons with a private teacher or in a mini-group within a school, the possibilities and resources are numerous. There are even games for it.

  1. You Are Free To Do Whatever You Want

Now that we’ve explained what success must mean to you, let’s consider two learners: a six-year-old whose parents signed up for weekend English classes or English tutorial online (ติว อังกฤษ ออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai) and an adult studying after work. Who do you think will have the most room for improvement after one year of study? Knowing that toddlers have “sponge-like” brains, most of you would go with the six-year-old. Doesn’t he learn without even trying?

Knowing from experience that motivation and will are precious markers of success, others would bet on adults without hesitation. And they would score a point. Think about it: she’s taking classes because she wants to. She has paid for her classes with her own money and devotes part of her day or vacation to study. She has a clear goal in mind, is in line with it, and knows the steps necessary to achieve it.

Because she has a purpose, she gets involved both inside and outside of class. She is nourished by the advice offered by her teacher and will be surprised at the result at the end of the year.

Although it is not proven that an adult progresses more than a child, it is highly likely. After all, young people are easily distracted, need regular breaks, and lack a reputation for being actively involved in the classroom (even when lessons are offered as games). Are adults motivated?

  1. You Have A Perspective

Unlike children, you are not only able to find the motivation and the necessary learning skills within yourself, but you also have a perspective. You know that life is a journey and that language learning is just one way – perhaps one of the best – to experience the world and make that journey a little more interesting.