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Room Decorating Tips You Should Know

The living room, the heart of the house, is usually the largest room and the place of greatest permanence, whether in exclusive moments with the family, when receiving visitors, or even when alone. And the star of the room is the sofa, of course. But how to choose the right sofa?

The sofa is a very important element for the decoration of the room.

First, it must be said that there is no right choice when it comes to decoration or decorating a room in loft style (แต่ง ห้อง สไตล์ loft which is the term in Thai); the important thing is that you like it. Despite this, there are some guidelines. If small children and pets live in your home, choosing a dark-colored sofa may be a good idea, as they show less dirt and stains. But if you prefer a light sofa, these factors are not deterrent, as dirt can be cleaned (see our text on the correct way to clean furniture).

A classic tip is not to combine a patterned sofa with a patterned rug. If you opt for a patterned rug, invest in a plain sofa. And you can even complement the room decoration with other elements.

If your living room has a patterned sofa, combine it with a plain rug. Pictures, pillows, lamps, and vases are also welcome.

Or at least that’s the right one, but some people like to challenge the rules and dare to create environments.

Why not opt ​​for a patterned sofa and rug?

And why not choose a sofa with several prints, a patterned rug, and a patterned ottoman to complete it?

The important thing, once again, is to follow your creativity and personality, as your home should be a reflection of who you are. This is the crux of all decorating tips. And there’s no need to keep the environment full of colors, that’s all right. Not everyone likes so many colors, so you can also opt for a more sober decor, with a smooth carpet and sofa.

And remember to pay attention to the pillows, as they are a wild element in the decoration. They can bring some colors indiscreetly, they can even be humorous elements, with the advantage that they can be changed easily, depending on the air you want for the room in the day.

The rugs, very present in the room’s decoration, increase the feeling of comfort and warmth, making the environment more welcoming. Sometimes, however, the floor of your house is so beautiful that it would be a sin to hide it, thus not needing the use of a rug.