How To Teach English Classes Online?

When we talk about the educational process, we must take into account the personal and professional characteristics of the educator, in addition to their intentions as an EAD tutor of online private lessons.

  1. Bet In Different Formats — Think Outside The Box!

If more than knowing how to teach English classes online for Toeic course (คอร์ส toeic which is the term in Thai), you want to know how to teach DIFFERENT classes, you are in the right place! Here, we are against sameness, and we believe that DE can be a dynamic and attractive teaching methodology!

For this, the big secret is to invest in different types of digital content.  Use the targeting above to find the best content for your student profile, but always think outside the box! If the idea is to teach English to children, bet on playful formats, such as animations, music, and gamification.

Below is an example of how to use animation and music as a teaching strategy, how to teach English online:

Suppose the class is made up of executives, for example. In that case, the way can be to show lectures, webinars with significant figures from the corporate world, and podcasts that talk about relevant topics in English. It will undoubtedly be more exciting and different from the conventional framework with the verb to be conjugated.

  1. Prepare The Perfect Space For Classes

It may seem like a mere detail, but the preparation of the classroom space influences a lot on how students perceive the content. So, prepare the perfect space to get the right message across during live streaming or video lesson recording.

Classes for children may demand a more colorful, playful place with complementary tools at hand, such as toys, books, and other items. If the focus is on the adult audience, think of a clean place where attention can be directed to what matters: language lessons.