The Pros and Cons of Buying a Tenant-Occupied Apartment

For all real-estate investors who actively like to invest and make the most out of their money, buying a tenant-occupied apartment is often an idea that will hit them. There are a lot of real estate agents who help in the seamless transition of ownership from one investor to the next. If you are interested in purchasing a tenant-occupied apartment, you need to go through these pros and cons.

Pros of Buying a Tenant-Occupied Apartment

You Can Save Ample Time By Not Having To Look For A New Tenant

An ample number of surveys show that it takes at least six weeks to find a new tenant. This is why it is a great deal to buy an apartment already occupied by tenants. This way, you get a return on your investment regularly, and you do not have to worry about investing further to get new tenants after buying the property. Moreover, you can also save the money and hassle of marketing your property to gain new people who would like to come in and live in the apartment.

Get Immediate Income From Rentals

Staying in contact with the last mentioned point, it is evident that when you purchase an apartment already occupied by tenants, you do not have to wait until you get some returns from what you’ve invested. This makes it extremely conducive for you to make several other investments like these so that your money keeps on rolling, and as the saying goes, the money can work for itself. Staying in touch with a real estate agent might be of help.

No Need To Worry About Immediate Costs and Augmented Investments

When new tenants come after old ones leave, several costs need to be incurred to make sure that you offer a space that is fully equipped and managed in a way that is inhabited easily. This means taking care of any damages and cleaning locks, carpets, windows, etc. You also need to check important equipment such as lights, faucets, and other essential appliances. This ensures that you are offering a place that is almost near-perfect and brings a good reputation for your business.

Cons of Buying a Tenant-Occupied Apartment

You have to honor the lease parameters mentioned in the agreement

According to the laws of most countries, tenants have the right to remain in a property while the terms of the agreement are valid. You must honor the clause mentioned in the agreement even if you do not like the tenants.

You Could Be Inheriting Problematic Tenants

This is one of the biggest problems many real estate investors face as they do not know what kind of a tenant they are going to deal with. A great way to escape from this problem would be to check their past payment history and credit reports before finalizing the deal and investing in the property.

It Is Difficult to Evict A Tenant

It is costly to evict a tenant who is staying on the property, but it is also very troublesome as you have to go through a long list of legal proceedings to process a formal eviction.


Just like any other investment, there are several pros and cons that you need to think of while buying a tenant-occupied apartment. Therefore, choosing wisely and performing several checks before investing in the same.