Learn How To Choose A Wristwatch

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In addition to an accessory that allows you to see the time, it adds an extra touch to the look. Watches were essential in the past when there was no cell phone to visualize the time. Nowadays, it is one more piece to compose the look, and it must be chosen carefully. That’s why we’ve separated some tips on choosing a wristwatch and not making a mistake when buying.

How To Choose A Wristwatch

When choosing a wristwatch like from shop rolex Thailand, some points must be considered so that the watch has your personality and matches your style. So, check out these tips:

Digital Or Analog

If you like something more classic, retro, or vintage, go for the analogue ones. These are watches with hands to tell the hours. But if you prefer something modern, go for the digital ones, which show the time on a display.


Here we have from the smallest to the big ones. So, depending on your style, choose what suits you best. However, a point to consider is the proportion of the size of the watch to its size.

Opt for watches with a small dial and thin bracelets if you are a short or thin person. If you are a taller or stockier, you will be okay with larger watches.


In addition to liking the design on the hour dial, it is essential to pay attention to the bracelets. The leather ones are very pretty and give the watch a casual look. Metal ones are versatile and more durable.

If you want one to be used as a wildcard, the silver one is a good choice. Another detail is choosing a very colorful bracelet, such as synthetic leather, which has different colors. Your watch will be the key to finishing your look in style.


Movement is the name given to the clock’s internal work, such as slowing it down, advancing it, or keeping it running. Most watches are quartz, requiring that, when necessary, the battery be changed. It has a quartz crystal that regulates its operation.

Others, however, are automatic and work by the movement of your wrist. That’s because, when moving, a pivot and a rotor work together, winding the watch. The ones made of quartz crystal only need to change the battery when it runs out.

Automatic ones need maintenance to keep the parts well lubricated and running. We remind you that it is essential to consider your style to know how to choose a wristwatch.