Myths And Truths Of Online Tutoring

Every innovation process is accompanied by people who fear losing space in the labor market and lack confidence in what is new. Online tutoring is no different. Some myths surround the tutor’s role in education. In this article, we seek to unravel them and offer a broader view of tutoring. Let’s go to some of them.

Does The Tutor Take Away The Role Of The Teacher?

Myth: Teacher and tutor occupy different but complementary roles in schools. While one is responsible for leading a class and developing the curriculum, another focuses on personalized and individual service. In addition to teaching, the teacher has the important role of guiding the class’s development, choosing the methodologies that will be used, and applying dynamics to manage the class.

The teacher is also a bridge between the school and the families, knowing closely the context in which the school community is inserted. In schools with hundreds of students, it is almost impossible for the teacher to serve all students in the same way. In this sense, tutoring support is essential.

The tutor provides individual assistance to the student, following their trajectory closely and helping when needed. The tutor does not focus on teaching; he is an encourager, facilitator, mediator, and learning guide.

Does The Tutor Solve The Question For The Student?

Another myth. The role of tutoring is not to solve activities for students or answer test questions like in Toeic course (คอร์ส toeic which is the term in Thai). The tutor helps the student to solve doubts through didactics. One of the tutor’s skills is to get to know the student, identify the best way to learn, and show the most appropriate way to solve the problem from the personalization of teaching.

Is Tutoring An Expensive Investment For The School?

This question is part truth, part myth. Tutoring can be an expensive investment for schools that intend to adopt it exclusively in person.

The institution needs to select tutors, hire new professionals and have physical space to offer to tutor. And all of this can compromise the school’s budget. But there are alternatives, such as online tutoring, with much more affordable cost and results, if not better, just as good. By hiring an online tutoring platform, the school does not need idle classrooms or a selection process. The platform carries out the entire process.