Hong Kong Food: A Quick Background

Prior to Hong Kong became a British swarm in 1841, it was a little angling community, with salted fish, or haam yu, as one of its major professions, in addition to salt and pearl. Over the following hundred years, Hong Kong’s populace grew considerably as several Western sellers, as well as residents, started migrating over from neighboring Guangzhou, bringing with them their home foods: dim sum from Guangzhou, as well as baking methods from the West.

Rapid ahead throughout the Chinese Civil War in 1949 and waves of refugees showed up. This rise in mouths to feed, paired with the city’s rapid industrialization, as well as the substantial rise in manufacturing facility employees, brought with it the demand for fast as well as inexpensive food.

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Therefore, the cha chaan teng was born. A diner-slash-café offering up sensory mashups of Eastern as well as Western food, this local eatery has become a vital part of the city’s abundant, as well as unique culinary heritage, matching the Hong Kong people’s infamously fast-paced lifestyles with its equally rapid, albeit brusque, solution and focus on efficiency. Over the following half a century, Hong Kong would maintain attracting impacts from global foods, birthing local favorites such as egg waffles or gai daan zai, pineapple buns, or bor lor bao, and Hong Kong-style milk tea or lai cha.

Currently known as the culinary capital of Asia, Hong Kong is residence to a few of the globe’s best foods as well as dining establishments. A fusion of the East as well as West, its cooking landscape is as varied as it goes over, flaunting a total amount of 63 Michelin stars, at the time of composing. Luckily for us, nonetheless, eating well in this city does not need to spend a lot. Actually, there’s a disagreement to be made that Hong Kong’s best food might also be its cheapest. From typical dim sum and streetside fare to the city’s most legendary baked goods as well as bread, below is our pick of the best local delicacies this cooking capital has to supply and where to locate them.