At present, what is the TOEFL format?

The Education Testing Service of the United States has designed this test, which is internationally recognized. Foreign universities consider these tests as the yardstick for measuring your English proficiency.

If you take this exam, you can get admission to foreign universities. But you need to score 100 points, which is the threshold. But top universities will require a score of above 80.

Types of TOEFL

There are two types of TOEFL [toefl มี กี่ แบบ, which is the term in Thai]. Namely:

  1. TOEFL ibt

It is a completely internet-based test to measure your English proficiency. All the four ways of testing your English skills are judged through this method i.e. listening-reading-speaking-writing. Mainly your academic English is tested in this exam. This exam consists of two parts: subjective and multiple-choice, with a total score of 120.

This exam is mainly used, for applying to top universities abroad, for documentation purposes during graduation in some universities for specific courses, for application for scholarships, etc. 

This exam is conducted for three and a half hours.


In this test set, only multiple-choice questions are set to test your academic English in three areas i.e. listening, grammar and reading. A score of 677 has been set for this exam. 

This exam is used mainly, if you are applying for any scholarship for higher education, appearing for an exam in top universities for medicinal courses, or enrolling for international courses, like MUIC. 

This exam is for two hours. 

The main difference between these two exams is that the latter is conducted through the institute or exam center, and its application fee is more compared to TOEFL iBT.

It is always advisable to join yourself in some coaching class before taking such an exam. This will ensure your success in this exam in one go.

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